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3-in-1 Bottle Cleaning Brush

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3-in-1 Bottle Cleaning Brush

 This little carrot maximizes your bottle cleaning experience with switchable brushes!🥕

No more germ/gunk accumulation along the rubber seal! This cleaning brush practically integrates 3 different types of brushes into the cute-yet-portable design of carrot shape. Bring it with you everywhere for instantly cleaning of drink bottles in any outdoor occasion by 3-step cleaning:  

Simply use the flat brush to remove dust for the inner/outer part of bottle cap, then use the pointed tip to scrape stubborn stain or any residue stuck along the hard-to-reach rubber seal. Finally rotate the brush to switch to the U-shaped bristle to further clean gunk, grease, dirt etc. for a stain-free bottle!


  • 3 Brushes in One 🥕
    U-shaped flexible stiff bristles + dust removal flat brush + pointed tip head

  • 3-step Cleaning🥕
    Simply use the flat brush to remove dust for the inner/outer part of bottle cap, then use the pointed tip to scrape stubborn stain or any residue stuck along the hard-to-reach rubber seal. Finally rotate to switch to the U-shaped bristle to further clean gunk, grease, dirt etc. for a stain-free bottle!

  • Clean Every Spot! 🥕
    Use the u-shaped flexible bristles to reach and clean the crevices of bottles that normal sponges just can't reach. 
  • Versatile Usage 🥕
    Widely used for water bottles, pacifiers, teapots, dishware etc.

  • Portable Carrot 🥕
    Apart from cute-looking design, this brush is completely portable with its pocket size and lightweight property. Instantly cleans & keep your water bottle always hygienic before you drink wherever you are. Ideal for hiking, camping, gym room, office and any outdoor/indoor occasion.
  • Premium Material  🥕 


  • Color: Orange / White
  • Size: 13 x 2.5 x 1.5cm


  • 1 x 3-in-1 Bottle Cleaning Brush


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